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Our Law Firm represents businesses and employees in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina.  


We can handle many legal issues your business may encounter, including:

  • Business Litigation including:

    • Employment Disputes over Unpaid Salary and Commissions

    • Construction Defects

    • Contract Disputes

    • Negligence Claims

  • Formation of new business entities, such as a C corporation, S corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Preparation of buy-sell (restrictive stock) agreements, employment agreements, and other related corporate documents

  • Contract preparation and review



Representative cases include:

  • Defended national company sued by purchaser of real estate over alleged breach of sales contract related to condition of property.

  • Defended seller of hotel against purchaser’s claims of construction defects.

  • Represented nationwide distributor in disputes with product dealers.

  • Defended businesses sued by former clients/customers over claims of professional negligence.

  • Represented employers and employees in claims over unpaid salaries and commissions.

  • Represented regional business in claims against competitor for unlawful competition.

Reported cases include:

R.L. Jordan Oil Co. of North Carolina, Inc. v. Boardman Petroleum, Inc., 572 S.E.2d 288 (2002)